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Brandon the Shapeshifter

Brandon clarke was born in boston, ma november 4th 1986. After high school he pursued a singing career recording an album but soon realized music wasn't something he wanted to do. At age 25 he discovered cosplay when a friend convinced him to go to a anime convention. He fell in love and since then found a new passion in life. He became Brandon the shapeshifter  on account of him being known for cosplaying multiple costumes.  He travels to a number of conventions in the new England area spreading the joy of cosplay along with his peers. In his eyes cosplay isn't just for fun but its a movement to celebrate creativity, uniqueness, and individuality to make the world a safer and more accepting place to live in.


Greg Snider - Wonderllama


I’ve been cosplaying for almost 5 years.  My first convention was Boston Comic Con, where I cosplayed Barf from Spaceballs for the first time.  It was a blast, and I was hooked.  Since then, I’ve done a wide range of fun cosplays – Ray Gillette (Archer), Doof Warrior (Mad Max: Fury Road), Mr Incredible (The Incredibles), Gru (Despicable Me), and many more.  I’ve won Best Couple and several Best Group contests.  I’ve also hosted many events and costume contests, culminating in both the kids’ and the adults’ costume contests at Boston Comic Con.  




Khepera Von Stitches

Although Khepera is very new to the Cosplay world, with not even a year under her belt, she has been designing clothes and making costumes and props for over 25 years. Her grandmother showed her how to hand sew when she was only 4 years old, but learned how to sew on a machine when she was 7 after receiving her very first sewing machine.

Best known for her Evil Lyn from the 1983 cartoon "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe", Khepera's favorite Cosplays are villains from her childhood. Khepera also enjoys Genderbending male villains and relishes in the challenge of re-imagining an already existing character.

"Villains are just more fun! And lets face it, they have better background stories!"



Sidekicker Cosplay

Hello I'm Morgan aka Sidekicker. I'm a young New England cosplayer who loves going to events and conventions related to Anime, Comic Books, Movies, etc..



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  • Sidekicker Cosplay
  • Sidekicker Cosplay

Wolkryk Von Wyntrthorne

Born August 12 ,1966 in Buffalo New York.Growing up, Wolfryk always had a passion for Comic Books,Fantasy,Sci-fi & adventure books, and movies, as well as a very constructive and vivid imagination. Around the mid 1980s a fascination began with medieval fantasy and monsters, primarily Werewolves. Thus "Wolfryk" was born! Not content with the quality of what was available for costumes or props, he began making his own. Now 30 years later he designs various types of "props" for Ren-Faires and Comic Cons. Entering the world of Comic Conventions in the early 2000s, he now makes appearances at various Comic Cons, Rennaissance Faires, and other events as a variety of Cosplay Characters with "Wolfryk Von Wyntrthorne" leading his Rogues Gallery of characters.






Our FCBD Cosplay Sponsors

Cosplay Idol

Cosplay Idol

Jetpack Comics is proud to have Richard Roberts of Cosplay Idol back for our 2nd annual Free Comic Book Day Cosplay Contest. Richard, with an extensive background in the fashion photography industry, is now making a big splash in cosplay photography! We are excited to have him as a sponsor for our Cosplay Contest and official photographer for all our cosplayers at the event.

Cosplay at Jetpack

Cosplay by McCall's

Cosplay by McCall's is a huge leader in providing good quality, easy to follow sewing patterns for the cosplay community. Seeing a lack in the diversity of patterns available to cosplayers, McCall's has made it a point to provide a wide variety of patterns that cosplayers can alter and interchange with other patterns making the cosplay imagination, limitless! Jetpack comics is proud to have them as a sponsor for our 2nd annual Free Comic Book Day Cosplay Contest, and is happy to announce that they have donated several amazing patterns as part of the prizes for this year's contest.

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