Free Comic Book Day Is Here!
Saturday May 5th - Join us for a TMNT Extravaganza


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So many children won't make it to Free Comic Book Day but the Copper Comics Initiative wants to make sure they get comic books, too.

The Copper Comics Initiative has one objective: donating comics to children's hospitals and pediatric care centers.  Several facilities already take in donations of books and such already but patients that have autoimmune complications are sometimes turned away, as the books stand a significantly higher risk of being exposed to something that could compromise the patient's health.  What we hope to do is collect donations from the public to finance subscriptions or pre-purchased lots of comics to be delivered directly to the hospitals themselves, eliminating a high amount of the public exposure these books see before being given to the kids.  

Ultimately we just want to make sure every kid gets a fair chance to take a break from reality for a few minutes, regardless of their health.

Watch for donation buckets around town, on Free Comic Book Day as well as participating vendors & businesses that are offering their support.  Every little bit helps.
Jetpack Comics will be offering a special deal to all FCBD attendees that make a donation.


All it takes to be somebody’s hero is a little copper

About the Copper Comic Initiative

The change in your pocket can help change the lives of children everywhere, and this May the Copper Comic Initiative is showing you how! We’re a non-profit organization partnering with comic shops across the nation to get clean, sanitary comics into the hands of patients at children’s hospitals. By shipping books directly to these facilities, we can eliminate the vast majority of their exposure to the general public, minimizing the risk of infection for these kids, including those with immunity complications.

Our program delivers 100% of your donations directly to the cause, routed directly through your local shops and businesses, and benefitting pediatric care centers in your area, so every penny you donate goes to a great cause while helping local businesses too!